Jorge Santos (b. La Habana, Cuba, 1973) Graduated from the Academia de Artes Plasticas San Alejandro, La Habana, Cuba, 2004. His work has a strongly anthropological accent. The human being and his main doubts and existential conflicts are created as the thematic nuclei of major interest to the author. His characters are pregnant with anguish, loneliness, isolation. The observation by the cycles of life and death is also another thematic edge of interest within the artist’s work. Santos has exhibited extensively for over fifteen years at venues that include: Galeria Luz y Oficios La Habana, L. A. Modern Contemporary, The Americas Collection, Spectrum Miami. He currently lives in Miami, Florida, US.

Riccardo Attanasio obtained a degree in Sculpture at the University of Fine Arts in Naples and an MA in Social Sculpture at Oxford Brookes University. Riccardo values the context he works in as the main inspiration for his work, finding a common ground with each culture he connects with. He creates cathartic actions and performances in the fore-front of current political, environmental and spiritual concerns by digging for the essence of humanity beyond race and custom. The artist often collects relics from his performances which later become objects of memory and contemplation.

Allison Kotzig’s oeuvre is raw and untamed, a provocatively tongue-in-cheek opus, and quite beautiful in a primordial sort of way. Her work carries an innate sense of mysticism and recalls folkloric aspects associated with nature, mythological creatures, dark magic, and the divine feminine that binds it all. Allison’s works are conceptual by nature and focus on fertility, sex, and the life-death-rebirth cycle. To put it plainly, they are vibrant and untraditional, and that is precisely the beauty of it all. The sheer liveliness of her pieces is what causes the viewer to think about the themes behind it rather than admire the objective beauty of a simple aesthetic. It shocks you into contemplating the work and guides you into intrigue, understanding and finally admiration.

Vicente Dopico-Lerner was born in Havana and has lived in the United States for most of his life, where he studied at Florida Atlantic University, Florida International University, St. Thomas University and the Art Students League in New York; it was precisely at the Art Students League where he identified with the principles of Abstract Expressionism that have marked his career. But the fact of having been born in Cuba, his stay in Santo Domingo, Puerto Rico as well as his life in Miami, is perhaps what has not allowed his Caribbean demons to leave. Those faces or spontaneous figures, sweet and sad that are always seen in his work.

Yulier Pérez nace en Florida (Camagüey), en 1989. Se traslada a La Habana a la edad de 14 años para atender a la escuela experimental de artes de El Vedado, la cual le serviría como preparatoria a la academia San Alejandro. Sin embargo, luego de varios intentos frustrados por ingresar a la renombrada institución, Yulier decide buscar una formación artística alternativa y comenzar una carrera independiente de las instituciones. 

Angela Alés is an artist born in Barranquilla, Colombia, of Andalusian and Lebanese descent. Alés moved to the United States in 1984 and graduated from Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, in New York City. She received her MFA from the Miami International University of Art and Design. She is a dedicated student of philosophies and world religions and her spirituality has emerged as central themes in her work. She has participated in over 30 collective and individual exhibitions in the US and Central and South America.

Luis Vega (La Habana, 4 de octubre de 1944) es un artista cubano. Estudio cerámica, fotografía, artes plásticas  en la Escuela de Bellas Artes San Alejandro y la licenciatura en Historia del Arte en la Universidad de La Habana. Desde 1980 reside en Estados Unidos de América. Ha trabajado en ilustración, diseño de carteles, dibujo y creó un concepto renovado de historietas gráficas publicadas en la revista Cuba Internacional. Actualmente se ha dedicado exclusivamente a la pintura con notable éxito, se le reconoce entre los mejores paisajistas de nivel internacional.

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