Greater masters that have immortalized Notre Dame

There are few monuments that are more distinctly French or more woven into the history of France than Notre Dame Cathedral.
As images of the fire ravaging through the historic church sparked outcries around the globe, people from all walks of life are mourning.
Its place in Catholicism is undisputed, as is its role in French history. It was the site of some of the most notable coronations, including that of Emperor Napoleon.

Jacques Louis David, 1748-1825, Coronation of Napoleon as the Emperor of the French in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on Dec. 2, 1804.

Beyond the Catholics who attend mass there and the tourists who go to look for a glimpse of Quasimodo, the cathedral represents a landmark in Parisian life that is now likely permanently scarred, if not disfigured or ruined.

“Notre Dame Cathedral is the very soul of Paris but so much more. It is a touchstone for all that is the best about the world, and a monument to the highest aspirations of artistic achievement that transcends religion and time. It has survived so much from the French Revolution to Nazi occupation to watch its devastation is excruciating.” The Metropolitan Museum of Art said in a statement.

Art Solido review some of the greater masters that have immortalized Notre Dame.


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