The Art of Massaguer

| by Roxana M. Bermejo | Caricature is an artistic manifestation that is born speaking. It does not require long periods of formation nor for newer generations to interpret the hidden meanings that past viewers did not understand. If the caricature needs interpretation, it is not good. Therefore, reliving it, quoting it, and concentrating the past in a museum room is and will always be … Continue reading The Art of Massaguer

1.8 Million Free Works of Art

1.8 Million Free Works of Art from World-Class Museums: A Meta List of Great Art Available Online Since the first stirrings of the internet, artists and curators have puzzled over what the fluidity of online space would do to the experience of viewing works of art. At a conference on the subject in 2001, Susan Hazan of the Israel Museum wondered whether there is “space for enchantment … Continue reading 1.8 Million Free Works of Art

Apollonia Saintclair

Apollonia Saintclair es una artista del dibujo erótico que mantiene su identidad bajo secreto. No se conoce su edad, nacionalidad o sexo, pero el misterio nos mantiene cautivos con su colección de provocadores dibujos publicados en la red. En 2012 Apollonia publicó sus dibujos en Tumblr, recibiendo una respuesta positiva y masiva en poco tiempo. Sus representaciones nos recuerdan el estilo de los maestros Milo … Continue reading Apollonia Saintclair

Easy Ways to Avoid 3 Common Art Collection Pitfalls

Art Collecting is an Investment Worth Protecting There’s really no comparison between a mutual fund and an oil painting. Unlike a stock portfolio, an art collection is a financial investment that can bring pleasure to its investor on a daily basis, but this pleasure can come at a price. Even the most fastidious art collectors can fall victim to an expensive disaster if proper attention isn’t … Continue reading Easy Ways to Avoid 3 Common Art Collection Pitfalls


By Alexander Nixon, MA, Art History In 2007, Cuban-born performance artist Glexis Novoa staged a performance in New York City titled Honorary Guest (Guest), in which he and an actor, the spitting image of Fidel Castro, stroll through a gallery exhibition of photographs and artwork documenting Havana’s 1980s art scene. Glexis Novoa (1964-) was a bellwether of this generation of young, provocative performance artists, though we would never … Continue reading RAUSCHENBERG IN CUBA

Ana Mendieta: Earthbound

The late Cuban-born artist’s powerful work, which was grounded in the natural world, is being exhibited outside for the first time By Belle Hutton The 1970s series Silueta is one of Cuban American artist Ana Mendieta’s most enduring feats. Created at historical locations in both Iowa and Mexico, the series involved Mendieta capturing her body or the imprint of its silhouette in dialogue with the … Continue reading Ana Mendieta: Earthbound